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8 Responsibilities of a Wedding Planner in Delhi You Must Know

Before hiring a wedding planner or destination wedding planner in Delhi to make your wedding planning an easy and beautiful ride, it is important to first know who our wedding planners are and what exactly do they do for your weddings?

The process of planning a wedding is as hectic as it gets and can take you months. Saying yes to a proposal seems like the easy part when you realize how much work planning a wedding can be. It is indeed a tedious process and as the wedding date approaches, it becomes even more stressful.

We wish that no stress or hectic schedule gets in the way of you and your perfect marriage. We are sure that you will leave no stone unturned to make the wedding of your dreams a reality. To get wedding planning out of your heads and focus on the happy moments in full swing, millennial couples often opt for professional wedding planners.

Hiring a wedding planner in Delhi solves a lot of your questions and issues almost immediately when you start planning your wedding.

Who are Wedding Planners?

wedding planner in Delhi

Wedding planners are one of the most important components of every wedding planning due to their incredible advice, guidance, and organizational skills they can handle—including the little things that require an extra hand for many couples. 

At that point, wedding couples rely on their wedding planners for a calm presence and to be the voice of reason during the marriage process.

What does Wedding Planners do?

As you read above, hiring a wedding planner is like buying peace of mind for yourself, and it’s well worth making sure all the details are taken care of.

A wedding planner usually starts by meeting with the couple for a consultation to understand their needs and wants. It includes not only the details of the wedding day but also any other related events like a discussion about dinner rehearsals and many other rehearsals, details for wedding day preparations, etc.

The planner will also ask what the couple’s budget is, and based on that, state what services they can expect to receive for that amount. It is important to get a clear feel and understanding of the couple’s tastes and their overall vision. This is where great listening skills come in business.

The wedding planner presents the couple with a contract for their services, detailing what they can expect to receive. An experienced wedding planner already has many contacts in the business and has successfully organized several weddings in the past, so he or she is able to suggest reception locations that have the perfect view or wedding venues. There is a wonderful feel and vitality. 

Wedding planners know very well how to set up everything and plan with that budget. They are often able to get discounts on services that they can offer to their customers to build a reputation in the market.

Wedding Planner Duties and Responsibilities

Here are a deep list of duties and responsibilities of a wedding planner in Delhi

Plan and Design the whole Wedding

In simple words, the overall horizon of a wedding planner is to plan the entire wedding. There are different types of wedding planners available for couples to choose from such as – full-service planners, wedding month planners, day coordinators, etc. 

But the idea is to make sure that couples need professional help who can handle it right, from choosing the venue to managing their wedding entry and guests, as well as finances and other miscellaneous things.

Once you hire a wedding planner, their first responsibility is to be on the same page with your taste, palette choice, theme choice, and the idea of ​​a dream wedding as a couple. 

In fact, to accomplish this, from creating your #weddinghashtags to developing a website with your description, to help you choose the most appropriate decorations for your idea, to the type of lighting, esthetic that suits your taste. 

This all is done by the wedding planners to make your dream wedding into reality. 

Managing Wedding Finances

If you do not have an idea of ​​the wedding budget, it will be very difficult to choose the right vendors and plan the ideal wedding that you have always wanted. 

In fact, before you hire a wedding planner, it is important to decide on a wedding budget to know what all the services can be asked of the planner and how to make it an affordable option without incurring expenses. 

Huh, if you don’t have an estimated budget, your wedding planner’s responsibilities include helping you figure out a suitable budget, including unexpected costs. 

Once the decision is made on the budget, the wedding planner responsibility is to stick to the budget and plan the wedding within this amount.

Scouting Vendors and Scheduling Meetings

Budget and your taste define what kind of vendors you are looking for for your wedding. Did you know that there are over a thousand vendor options for a single service in one city? 

Locating them all as per your requirements and then filtering them as per your budget is going to take a lot of your time and without a wedding planner, delving deep into the industry becomes even more difficult. Plus the more options, the more confusing! 

Wedding planners always have a list of associate vendors they have worked with in the past or references that will work for their clients. Getting references from wedding planners will save you a lot of time and mental exhaustion. The filtered list of vendors to interview will be shorter and easier to make the final call!

Once the wedding planner shortlists the vendors as per your list of requirements who can provide the best services for you and also utilize the value of pay. They then let you set up appointments and schedule meetings with your vendors. 

Instead of you calling 10 different vendors and getting bothered by multiple calls and different coordinations, the wedding planner’s responsibilities include maintaining your timeline and coordinating the available slots for different meetings.

Creating a Wedding Website

creating wedding couples website

Wedding websites are in trend these days.  You can save dates, invitations, guest lists, RSVPs, wedding registries, and more to your wedding. All you need to do is share the link of the website with your friends and family to stay updated and on the same page with action. 

Your wedding planner may have you and your wedding website with little details right from the scratch theme and template design to the wedding day to keep it updated. You can later upload your wedding album to that website and share it with your friends and relatives later. These websites and app development services are sometimes included in the wedding planner packages.

Guests Lists, RSVP’s and Invitations

Creating a guest list is a big task at any wedding. This is the most opinionated piece of all when it comes to wedding planning. 

Your parents want to invite some distant uncle and your family has some more names on their mind to add. 

It’s impossible to come and meet halfway through unless a third party is your wedding planner with absolutely professional skills at coordinating and bargaining. 

They also help you keep track of all RSVPs to keep it smooth and hassle-free, while cleverly helping you sort your guest list that aligns with your budget and dates and amenities.

From helping you decide the color and design of your invitations and save the dates, from printing your choice of templates and your selection of calligraphy to printing it later and sending it to concerned guests, your wedding planner does it all.

Guest Coordination in Indian Wedding

From inviting guests to picking them up at the airport and then dropping them off at the venue or hotel, the wedding planner handles all these logistics seamlessly. 

When you enjoy your mehndi ceremony with beautiful designs on your palm, you don’t have to worry about your classmate or your uncle waiting to be selected for the wedding at the airport.

A wedding planner is hired for both the bride and groom and the happening couple can make their way into a grand wedding without any hassles, thanks to the responsibilities of the wedding planner.

Event Flow Management

From planning your pre-wedding shoot to a flawless flow of events, which includes Haldi ceremony, Mehndi, Sangeet night, Wedding and Reception party – the itinerary is planned ahead as per your requirements. 

From various dance performances in music to the choice of songs for the DJ and your grand entry and unforgettable exit, the wedding will be a grand festival to remember for all.

Coordination of Ceremonies and Activities

You won’t have to worry whether the wedding mandap is ready now or whether the decorations come together to make it the wedding of your dreams. 

One of the most important wedding planner’s responsibilities is to keep the wedding couple on top of everything.

Even in terms of last-minute tasks, miscellaneous tasks, vendor payments, and collecting your gifts, returning the rent – the wedding planner has a task force you’ll be thankful for.

After knowing the wedding planners responsibilities above, we are sure of one thing that will definitely answer your question is a wedding planner worth it?

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How Much Does A Wedding Planner Cost?

The wedding planners in India cost between Rs. 2 to 6+ lakhs, depending on the expertise and popularity of the company. It all depends on the budget or scale of the wedding, the destination/location selection. 

Remember this cost is only the wedding planner’s fee, it will not include the wedding decoration and all the responsibilities listed above. Those are the overheads they tie-up with vendors and you have to pay for it, but managed by them.

Do Wedding Planners Pay for Vendors?

As wedding planners, they are a consultant, but they do not contract or pay vendors on your behalf. The contract is always between the wedding client and the service provider. If sometimes you don’t feel comfortable negotiating with vendors, the wedding planner himself puts that expectation in front of you.

Approximately, you can estimate the payment to the planner for the entire wedding, around 10-12% of the wedding budget, depending on the services extended, role and responsibilities, size of the gathering, etc. 

Lots of planners also serve as one-stop solutions, especially for small-scale budget weddings, many planners offer all-inclusive packages or even charge a similar fee.

The destination wedding planner packages can incur additional expenses if the wedding planning team is traveling together. A lot of wedding planners also offer ‘consulting services’ about places, hotels, venues, and reliable vendors starting from INR 10-15K, so you can go ahead and plan yours, but with valuable input.

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What is included in the Wedding Planner Package?

Wedding planner packages include setting the wedding budget, discussing the number of guests, selecting and booking the venue, hiring vendors, coordinating with everyone, and much more. All you have to do is discuss everything in detail and tell us your preferences.

Do Wedding Planners do Destination Weddings?

We The Grand Affair Events provide a wide range of services from full-service design and execution to wedding day coordination and can be as involved as you want us to be. 

Our team of luxury wedding planners in Delhi is also experienced in planning destination weddings. With expert production teams, we’ll make sure your special day is the wow factor.

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