hiring a destination wedding planner

The Complete Guide to Hiring a Destination Wedding Planner

It should come as no surprise that destination weddings require more coordination than local weddings. Paying close attention to details is important because you are not only planning an event remotely, but you may also be hosting many events over the wedding weekend, not just the ceremony and reception. The good news is that destination wedding planners can help you with this.

Hiring a professional planner will assist you and put much less stress into executing your vision. 

Here are some important things to know to get some information on hiring your destination wedding planner in India.

Reasons for Hiring a Destination Wedding Planner

hiring a destination wedding planner

Apart from the convenience of knowing your wedding in capable hands, destination wedding planners provide the following:

Peace of Mind 

Destination wedding planners reduce stress by being able to answer your questions, put forth the facts, and deliver an unbiased, professional opinion. They are an invaluable asset if you have to make difficult decisions like rain contingency planning, postponing your wedding date, or how to handle unexpected road bumps.

Practical Experience

 A top destination wedding planner has years of experience, relationships and relationships that they have built over time. They can solve any kind of problem very well.

Local Connections 

By choosing a planner who is familiar with your location or has excellent resources out there, they’ll have insight that isn’t available to you simply by searching online. 

In addition to working with best sellers and suggesting months for optimal weather, they can recommend “off-the-beaten-path” places to visit and eat out.

Destination Wedding Planner Tasks

If you are really wondering what a destination wedding planner does in addition to the traditional wedding planning duties, here is a list of the common tasks they are responsible for:

  1. Provide guidance based on their knowledge and local research on laws, required permits, marriage license requirements, etc.
  2. Provide you with selected vendors and the location best suited to your guest count, budget and vision.
  3. Help you create a realistic budget based on your needs and desires. They can suggest where you can cut and what’s worth the splurge.
  4. Provide travel guidance and advice to help you and your guests plan your trip with confidence.
  5. Create contingency plans for rain and other unexpected road bumps.
  6. Coordinate with vendors and venue, timeline management, and family management.
  7. Manages RSVPs and guestlists.
  8. Rent a florist, audio, and lighting equipment, and make recommendations for hair and makeup.
  9. Catering negotiation, communication, and management.

Destination Wedding Planner Cost

The cost of a destination wedding planner will vary depending on the planning services provided, the location of the wedding, and the number of guests. A premium wedding planner who provides event design as part of their services charges at least 20-30% of your wedding budget. Often, this does not include the amount of extra labor or travel expenses that may be needed to perform the wedding day or your other pre-wedding activities. There are four ways that planners price themselves:

  1. Flat Fee: Common to day planners and packages.
  2. Billable Hours: The amount of time they will work on the day or before the actual event. 
  3. Percentage of vendor and venue invoices: It depends on other wedding costs.
  4. Mixed approach: Design, planning maintainer, and production fees at one flat fee, with vendor management and coordination at a percentage of 15-20% of those costs.

Some myths on the cost of hiring a destination wedding planner that you have to completely avoid or have to know deeply about it.

How to Find Destination Wedding Planner in India

You’ll want to know if your potential planner has experience with destination weddings. Consider that it doesn’t have to be in the same city, town, or even on a specific island but in the general area.

Not sure how to find a destination wedding planner in India? Here are some simple and useful tips that you can follow:

Ask the Venue

If you have your eye on a specific site, ask them what their preferred planners to work with based on their customer service, vendor management, organization, and professionalism.

Hit Up Social Media

Find some of your favorite wedding images and see who designed and coordinated them. Wedding photographers are also a good resource for your destination on social media because their photos will show off the style of the planner.

Look for Testimonials

Read what the couples had to say about their planners. You want to feel confident that you can connect with and trust your planner.

Set Up a Call

You have t make an open conversation with the destination wedding planner about what’s your vision is for your dream destination wedding. Several people can put together a good-looking wedding, but you also want a planner/team who can mediate and solve problems on the spot. 

Ask how many weddings they have produced and to tell you a story of when things went wrong at a wedding they planned. 

Also, ask about their most memorable wedding moments to help them realize why they love what they do.

Additional Things to Consider

Paying for Their Travel Expenses.

This includes transportation, accommodation, and per day to cover the cost of food during their stay. Your planner will need to fly in to meet your venue and vendors a few days before the wedding. Ask your planner to review these costs with you under their offer and contract.

If you can’t get there yourself, they can lead you through the location

Your Venue Tour

Some customers feel more comfortable traveling to their destination wedding venue to visit potential venues and participate in menu tastings, but this is not required. 

If a flight to your destination is not within budget or your schedule does not allow it, if possible your planner can schedule a video chat with you and your vendors. They can actually walk from place to place with you, or you can go to that place to test everything on your own.

So before concluding, we want to give you some destination wedding planning tips that have nothing to do with the wedding planner.

  1. Choose a Location Wisely
  2. Consider Guest Lodging
  3. Go Local to Save Big
  4. Hire a Pro
  5. Visit in Advance
  6. Meet Vendors
  7. Plan Additional Events
  8. Secure Wedding Insurance
  9. Consider Unexpected Expenses
  10. Check Local Marriage Requirements
  11. Secure Passports and Other Documents
  12. Create Welcome Bags
  13. Stuff That Suitcase
  14. Tailor Your Wedding Dress to the Destination
  15. Get Away Gracefully

Still wondering how to start planning your wedding? Ask The Grand Affaiir Events by giving us a quick call, we will definitely help you with this. 

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