gifts ideas for Indian wedding couples

9 Unique Gifts Ideas for Indian Wedding Couples

In Indian families, there is nothing more exciting in life than getting married. From doing the whole process of planning the wedding to many other rituals. 

Along with all the wedding ceremonies, a good wedding gift is also needed for the wedding couple. But shopping for the perfect gifts ideas for Indian wedding couples are more difficult than wedding shopping.

If you are also thinking of what to gift for the wedding then we would like to tell you there is no need to buy extravagant gifts rather you can send a sweet thoughtful gift to the couple which can bestow your good blessings for their happy married life.

We’ve rounded up some unique gift ideas for the new and happy couple, and these ideas will suit every type of couple and budget. 

If you’re having trouble finding some useful gifts for weddings, we’re here to help. We have put together some of the best wedding gift ideas that you can use as anniversary gifts or engagement gifts for the couple too. 

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From champagne to date night plans, there are plenty of gifts ideas for Indian wedding couples and you can gift anything as per your choice!!

Unique wedding gifts for couples who have everything

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of Unique wedding gifts for couples who have everything that will let you enjoy the wedding season in comfort.

A Cake Stand to Celebrate Happy Moments

It is common for Indian weddings to have a top-tier wedding cake these days. You can gift this to the couple to serve a cake or use it for all other celebrations in the coming future. You will find many varieties of it.

Customized Ring Dish

This is a unique wedding gift for an Indian female friend and no matter where she is, but every bride likes to collect different types of rings in her personal collection, which many times would not like to carry those precious gems with her. Every Indian girl’s love for those rings is immortal. Simply add the initials of the bride and groom along with their wedding date and make this ring dish their favorite. This is a unique wedding gift for a friend female Indian

Framed Picture of a Pre-wedding Shoot

Like every wedding, the couple has their pre-wedding shoot before their wedding or if they haven’t, it is not difficult to frame a lovely photo of them for you. You can also hop on the move and send it digitally and have a photo printed that is delivered directly to you or whoever you want to send it to.

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Instant Camera for Capturing Sweet Moments: There is no doubt that the pictures taken by DSLR are good but nothing can beat the satisfaction that comes from instant cameras and it is liked by every couple. If someone has the memories of a lifetime to make, it’s the newlyweds and with this camera, they won’t have to wait to create cute mini prints of photos to hang on the wall. This is one of the best wedding gifts for wedding couples and you bet they will be using it anywhere and in no time!

Organic Kitchen Gardening Kit

What better option than gifting a unique organic gardening kit as a wedding gift to a couple who love gardening and cooking together? It can be a useful gift for the couple to grow their own herbs and use them to prepare meals filled with love for each other.

Personalized Bobbleheads

It is a trend nowadays, you can get a couple of bobbleheads customized and give them to them for decoration of their precious moment or they can be used on top of cakes too. Believe me, it is an appropriate wedding gift for a friend and you will find a lot of customized bobbleheads options online where you just have to send some instructions and they will do the rest.

Cooper Drink Ware

It’s something that’s easy to use, stylish, has health benefits, and also makes the perfect wedding gift for a friend under a wedding gift registry idea. As we all know, copper has taken over the world as the latest sign of healthy living and is now used traditionally as well. Take our advice it’s an Ideal fit for Indian wedding gifts for couples.

How Much Should I Spend on Wedding Gifts? 

If you have no idea how much you should spend on a wedding gift, you can choose between these two options of A Charitable Donation or Cash.

They also have their own benefits which are liked by many wedding couples.

A Charitable Donation

If you’re looking for a wedding gift for a friend who has everything meaningful, charity is a great option. First, find a cause that is close to their heart and donate it to the charity that is leading it. This will ensure for them that they start their new life with many blessings, and you have also discovered the best gifts for the wedding couple to remember their momentous day.

Cash as a Wedding Gift

If you don’t know exactly what you want to gift, you can also give the couple cash in the gift. If you are wondering how much cash should be given? It is completely up to you. In India, giving cash as a gift is considered an omen whose waistline starts from Rs. 1100/- to Rs. 51000/ or even Rs. 1 Lac. It depends on how close you are to the couple, which is also called Shagun Ka Lifaffa!!

What is the best gift for Indian Wedding?

What is the best gift for Indian wedding?

We understand that choosing wedding gifts can be stressful at times. You just need to trust your judgment, keep your thoughts in mind and go with your feeling to choose the best gift for your friends or loved ones. 

There is no end to the list if you are still not sure what you can gift to your friend on their wedding day?

There are still many things to be mentioned here.

Know that this is just advice that you can choose and move on, but if you have any better suggestions that we have not included, then you can choose them and also tell us in the comment section below.

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